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FRA licenses Thndr to operate in Egypt!

Thndr & FRA logos

We are thrilled to announce that Thndr, registered under the name “Thndr Securities Brokerage” is now authorized and regulated by the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA). License number 804, dated 12 August 2020.

What is the FRA?

The Financial Regulatory Authority is responsible for supervising and regulating non-banking financial markets and instruments in Egypt. The FRA plays a pivotal role in ensuring the stability and soundness of these markets as well as boosting their competitiveness to attract further domestic and foreign investments.

How does this benefit me as an investor on Thndr?

Being licensed by the Financial Regulatory Authority means that we follow a set of rules that are designed to protect you as an investor.

Democratizing Investing in Egypt

We aim to make investing easy and accessible to everyone through technology. The openness to new ideas, progressiveness, and support received from the FRA Leadership to acquire the necessary licensing now makes this all possible. In partnership with the Financial Regulatory Authority, we are now on a mission to enhance the investment landscape in Egypt.