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How I leveled up my career by pretending it was a game? 🧙🏻‍♂️

How to level up your career by pretending it was dungeons and devs game

Imagine your career is a game you play. The work you perform are monsters to slay. Every time you beat a beast (solve a problem), you gain experience and level up. The fiends you vanquish create value that you can keep or exchange with others, allowing you to earn money, create impact, and ultimately keep playing.

My adventure started when I was looking for quests (jobs) to fight monsters for gold and glory. But the quests available for me offered neither. My skills weren’t too bad, as a student, I regularly fought practice monsters on my own in lessons and online tutorials. But those didn’t create value that I could exchange for gold, and nobody was willing to trust an unestablished nobody like me with their quests.

I was my first client, creating quests to build up my skills. But it wasn’t until I started fighting monsters for other people like friends, open source projects, or groups at university, that the impact of the value I created, defeating their monsters, earned me enough fame to become a software developer and unlock my first job class 🎉.

To advance my class, I needed companies to fund and issue quests for me. I thought about joining a pre-seed startup. Like a small outpost camp in the middle of an untamed jungle. The dungeons (problem domains) startups extract customer value from, hold a rich sprawling ecosystem of monsters to kill. Dungeons with untapped potential, that can raise you from nomad to king as the startup grows. Joining a global corporate on the other hand could offer a safe measured start. Like an empire spanning large tamed continents, I would be a cell in a titan fighting a war with colossal beasts, and as I grow through well-charted paths, I would prepare the skills, fame, and wisdom I would need to one day answer the tempting call for adventure, should I outgrow the position I hold.

With every monster my company vanquished, we unlocked deeper levels in our dungeons, summoning new kinds of fiends. But with every level conquered, the high-level quests that my senior employees could use to advance, become scarce. It becomes my job as a manager to find the right quests for the team to develop. But even as the owner of a software house, I reached a bottleneck as I outgrew my own company. So when an offer came, from a rising kingdom on a mission to chart the road to financial freedom, I answered the call.

The old financial services guard built a cryptic maze for wealth that only they can pass. Littering the wealth dungeon with poverty traps for those that dare to seek its treasure without their guidance. Thndr is building a safe way for everyone to growth their wealth like the wealthy. Overcoming the leviathan of access to simple ways of saving and investing for everyday people.

Wether you’re an Engineer searching for monsters to slay or a Manager that guides their way. We have herculean tasks across the MENA region, unlocking compatible investment opportunities, creating a social community for financial wellness, educating and empowering the masses, and the system infrastructure that can manage all of that. We need your help building a new way, for safe passage through the wealth dungeon.

Oh noble hero, your journey awaits. Will you answer the call to join our adventure?

Article written by Amr Draz – self proclaimed “seeker of wisdom in complex systems” and director of engineering at Thndr.