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Egypt’s highest yielding savings fund now on Thndr

We’re excited to announce our newest savings product on Thndr: B-Secure by Beltone Asset Management.

Highest yield? Really?

Yes! B-secure is the highest yielding savings fund in Egypt over last periodyear. 

Period (as of 20 September 2023)Annualized Return
1 week performance annualized19.47%
1 month performance annualized18.89%
6 months performance annualized17.75%

*Annualized returns: The return you would make over one year at the performance of the specified time period.

It’s important to note that the past returns of any investment are not a guarantee for future performance.

What is B-Secure?

B-Secure is a low risk savings fund managed by Beltone Asset Management launched in November of 2022. The fund aims to provide returns through investing in a variety of short and medium term fixed income instruments.

The fund’s current asset class distribution as of August 31 2023 is

  • ~95% T-Bills
  • ~5% Deposits

This distribution is subject to change with time. The Investment guidelines as per the prospectus set the limits of asset classes to be as follows: 

  • T-Bills & Bonds = 95%
  • Corporate Bonds = 65%
  • Cash, TDs & CDs = 50%
  • REPOs = 40%
  • Mutual Funds = 20%
  • Sukuk = 5%

Who is Beltone Asset Management?

Beltone Asset Management, a subsidiary of Beltone Financial Holding, is a leading asset manager in Egypt, with Egp 21.15 Bn in assets under management as of June 2023. The company has a long track record of managing assets for high net worth individuals, corporates, private banks, and government institutions. 

How can I save my money with B-Secure?

  1. Download the Thndr App and activate your account online.
  2. Make sure that your wallet is funded.
  3. Either search for “B Secure”, “BSC”, or look for the mutual funds theme.
  4. Tap on “Buy” and then select either “Set cash amount” or “Set number of certificates” 
  5. Fill in the quantity that you want and submit the order.

Can I add and redeem money whenever I’d like?

B-Secure offers daily redemption (selling certificates) and subscription (buying certificates), so your money is yours whenever you need it and you can save at your own pace.

Please note that any buy/sell orders need to be placed before 11:00 AM to be executed on the same day. Orders placed after 11:00 AM will be executed on the next business day at the next day’s price. 

How do I collect my profits? 

Your certificates will appreciate in value over time as the fund invests your money. 

So let’s say you bought certificates worth EGP 100,000 last year and the fund went up by 19% since. Your certificates would now be worth EGP 119,000. You can sell those certificates and collect your profit.  

You can keep track of your savings by visiting B-Secure’s page on Thndr and tapping “my position”.

How does B-Secure stack up to Thndr’s other savings funds?

Putting the power of investing in your hands means giving you the ability to choose between the savings products that best suit your needs. Thndr offers three savings funds, all three are: low risk, offer daily subscription and redemption, have no fees, and invest in government treasuries and fixed income instruments.

Here’s a quick look at what sets the funds apart:

Savings fundB-SecureAZSMTF
Fund managerBeltone Asset ManagementAzimutArab African Investment Management
1 week performance annualized19.47%17.63%16.31%
1 month performance annualized18.89%17.57%16.51%
6 months performance annualized17.75%16.34%16.31%
Certified Sharia CompliantNoNoYes

*Annualized returns: The return you would make over a one year period at the performance of the specified time period. Data as of 20 September 2023.

Still have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team through the app. We’re always happy to chat!