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new features for a smarter app

We’ve been working hard to make investing fit easily into people’s lives and we’re happy to announce some of the coolest new features. Feedback is essential to how we build and prioritize at Thndr app. We’ve been all ears and now it’s time to reveal some of the latest features available on Thndr.

You can now edit your orders on the app

Orders pending execution on the stock exchange can now be editable through the app. This makes it more convenient to change the amount or price of the shares before execution.

Trophies made to track your Journey

You can earn trophies by accomplishing objectives such as completing certain tasks. We wanted to outshine the competition and increase engagement between the community members. Throughout your investment journey, you will collect Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies that reflect your app’s progress.

Exploring Securities

We know finding stocks could be hard to do. So we’ve introduced Thndr Themes, designed to categorize securities more easily for you. You can also create a custom theme that allows you to filter by market, size & performance of the companies.

Follow your friends

Designing new features at Thndr comes to mind in a way that fits how people are connected today. Now you can follow your friends, view their portfolio positions by the breakdown, and get their updates in your feed through Rumbles. You can also use Thndr’s community to speak more about your investment methodology and get feedback from community members.

Choosing suitable investments requires people to associate their decisions with some research & homework. People are always on the lookout for ways to validate their choices and share insights. Making investment decisions with friends has been happening informally for many years. Each investor has their own strategy, but given humans’ social nature, we always want to validate findings with peers.

Now you can live like you’re on Wall Street

Now, as an extension to our simulator, we’ve added the U.S. stock market. Thndr’s U.S. simulator allows you to virtually invest & follow a replica of the U.S. stock market environment. Just like our Egyptian simulator, this means you don’t use any real money but still reap the benefits of learning and shadowing real-time market movement.