Our vision is to put real wealth in the hands of everyday individuals.

About Us

We are thrilled to be pioneering commission free trading in Egypt. We believe that saving through investing is the right and sensible thing to do. So, we built an app that is designed for everyone, green and expert investors alike. Our technology innovation allowed us to remove the barriers that anyone could face when opening or funding their brokerage accounts, helping us open up the market for a whole new wave of investors. And, we don't stop there. Through access to the right tools, our app is built to empower you to invest smartly.

This is only the beginning. And, we can't wait for what's to come!

Cultural Values

Foster a culture that celebrates differences
We have a team first mentality where people from all backgrounds are welcome, everyone feels included and knows that they add value. We will always invest to make thndr the best place to work.
Transparent Organization
We are extremely candid with each other. We communicate clearly and honestly, we encourage open and honest feedback, and value different perspectives
Customer First Mentality
We believe that access to financial services is a basic human right. This is why we will always tailor our product to cater to everyday individuals and their needs.
Sustainable Profitability
We aim to build a sustainably profitable business by seeking hardcore efficiency and frugality. We will always invest in growth initiatives while reducing costs, but never impeding growth
Building the Best Platform
We will innovate, think big, dream bigger, and build right to create the best platform out there making it one of our strongest competitive advantages
Winning Atittude
We act like owners and we persevere. We will always continue to adapt, learn and think outside the box with a zero tolerance policy when it comes to doing the right thing

A few of our investors